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King Kuye was a powerful king. He ruled over a large number of people for a long period of time. He fought many battles and won them all. He therefore built a powerful kingdom and commanded a mighty army.


But he was a wicked ruler. He punished people unjustly, extorted money from the poor, detained people at will and snatched wives from their husbands.


After many years of his wicked leadership, the king found himself in a serious problem. He was dying in pains and agony. All his charms and army can not save him. The only people who can save him are the people who had been victims of his wicked rulership. Will they forget the past and show mercy on the wicked king?

This story is for kids, but you too will enjoy it.



A long time ago there was a king in the land of Iketu whose name was king Kuye. He ruled over a large number of people for a long period of time. His kingdom was made up of the great city of Iketu, which was the capital of his kingdom and the seat of authority, the land of Jedda and the land of Uzzi. These two towns were under the control of his two powerful captains, Kakabiri and Alaja. The king also ruled over many villages. He assigned chiefs to control the villages. Everybody under his authority used to pay homage to him every year.

King Kuye had a very powerful army. His army consisted of few thousands of men that were trained to fight on land with guns and several hundreds of men on horses that were trained to fight with swords, spears, bows and arrows. His warriors could fight very well in the jungle, on mountains, valleys and even in the sea.

The king himself was a very good fighter, but his most powerful source of power was an ancient chain of brass and a pot of concoction, both of which he inherited from his grandfather, long time ago, when he was young.

The pot of concoction was half buried beside a magnificent and mysterious citrus tree in the outskirts of the city. People were warned not to move near the citrus tree because it was believed to be a meeting place of the witches.

Unknown to everybody in the village, the king visited the tree every month. He would put the chain of brass on his neck and make some incantations. After doing that, he would become invisible. Then he would walk alone to the citrus tree and enter the pot of concoction.

As soon as his body was completely immersed in the concoction, he would turn to a big boa with human head. Now as a snake, he would climb the citrus tree and swallow seven of its fruit. He would then return back to the pot and immerse himself again in the concoction then he would change back to the king.

The citrus fruits that the king used to swallow have a lot of supernatural power such that no weapon can harm the king. He couldn’t be hit by the bullet of a gun, or be wounded by a sword or an arrow. No poison can kill him; charms cannot have any effect on him, even powerful animals, like poisonous snakes that were sometimes sent to him by his enemies became harmless immediately they set their eyes on the king.

So king Kuye ruled confidently and comfortably over his people for a long period of time and everybody feared him.




Because of the supernatural power of king Kuye, the strength of his army and the fact that he was a good fighter himself, the king believed he could do whatever he liked. He therefore ruled his people wickedly.

The king ordered that every man should bring a goat and a basket full of farm produce to the palace every month. Each market day, the king’s servants would go to the market and forcefully take the best goods in the market, the best of tomatoes, pepper and vegetables, the best of palmwine and other drinks, the best clotting material, the best calabash …… It was only what they were not interested in, that they would not take and nobody could challenge their authority since they were working for the king.

Very soon, the servant started not only taking the best market products, but started taking the most beautiful women in the market. They would not care whether such women were married or not.

On the day they took Bolanle, everybody was shocked. Bolanle had just married Bolaji, three weeks earlier. That day was the first day she would be coming to the market after her marriage. She calmly explained to the king’s servants that she was a married woman. But immediately she said that, one of the servants slapped her several times. They asked her to remain quiet and not to talk unless she was asked a question.

Then she tried to run away, but they ran after her, took her, beat her mercilessly and forcefully put her on top of the king’s chariot. They drove her to the king’s palace. Everybody in the market was surprised and terrified.

When the news got to Bolaji, her husband, he went to tell his father because he was too afraid to go to the king alone. So Bolaji and his father went to the palace. After greeting the king with all due respects, Kosoko, Bolaji’s father explained to the king that his servants had mistakenly taken the new bride of his son from the market. Kosoko explained further that he believed that Bolanle did not explain very well to the king’s servant that she was a house wife and that was the reason they had taken her to the king. He said he was sure the king would have preferred a virgin as his new wife and could not have sent his servants to bring a married woman for him.

The king became very angry with Kosoko’s speech he furiously asked Kosoko if he was the one to tell him what he would prefer and what he would not. In his anger, he ordered that Bolaji and Kosoko be locked-up in his cell for having the gut to question his action.

Then the king sent for his servants. He praised them for a job well done. He told them he was expecting more of such from them. To show his appreciation, he ordered that the servants should be served with palm wine and bush meat to their satisfaction. He also gave each of them two bundles of traditional lace.

The next person the King messenger took was Olubusayo, the daughter of Chief Aderibigbe. The moment Aderibigbe heard the news, he ran straight to the palace.

The King’s guards did not want to allow Chief Aderibigbe to enter the palace. They told him that the king was sleeping. Chief Aderibigbe got angry because he was a high chief. He started making noise at the top of his voice. He threatened them that as soon as he was through with the king he would come back to punish them. The guards started laughing and told him that he could not do anything to them

Their noise woke the king up and ordered that they should allow Chief Aderibigbe into the palace. When Aderibigbe got to the king, he explained that the king’s messenger had mistakenly taken his daughter for the king. He said he was sure that they did not know that the lady was his daughter because if they knew they wouldn’t have taken her.

The king got angry with chief Aderibigbe. He asked whether his daughter was different from those other women they had been bringing to him. He then ordered that chief Aderibigbe should be removed from being a chief. He asked his servants to remove the chieftaincy lace from his neck and wrists. So from that moment, Aderibigbe was no more a chief. He started begging the king, but the king did not listen.



Everyday was like a festival in the palace of king Kuye. The servants would gather at the backyard of the palace to eat and drink. Ajibulu, the great drummer would come every evening to beat his talking drum for the household of the king. He would go home everyday with a lot of gifts.

At another corner, the prince would be entertaining his friends. The prince was a young boy. He loved drinking burukutu, a beer made from guinea corn. He also loved beautiful ladies. Every evening, he would send the king’s servants to get him two beautiful young ladies to keep his company for that day.

In one of those parties, Ajala, one of the king’s servants brought an animal that looked like a small crocodile. The reptile is called a pangolin. The pangolin was roasted and they all ate it. The prince enjoyed the meat of the animal more than any other meat he has ever eaten. He therefore asked Ajala to get him more, but Ajala could not remember the person he collected the animal from, all he remembered was that he collected it from one woman in the market. When Ajala could not get another pangolin, the prince ordered that he should be locked up and then reported the case to the king.

In order to get the prince the pangolin, the king sent for all hunters in the kingdom and commanded that each one of them should bring seven pangolins to the palace within the next seven days. Anybody that would not get seven pangolins must not return to the town and after seven days all his properties would be seized by the king.

So, all the hunters went to different forests, each of them looking desperately for pangolins. Within seven days, the whole palace was full of pangolins. The prince and his friends ate as much as they could. They used the pangolins’ skin s to make shoes, bags, wallets and jackets. The prince and his friends then started making jests of the hunters. They said that as powerful and confident the hunters claimed to be, they did not know that they feared the king as much as they showed. Then one of the prince’ friends said he too would like to eat nightingale, a very rear bird. It started like a joke but the boy insisted, so the prince told the king.

Just as the king did in the first case, he sent for all the hunters in the kingdom and asked each one of them to produce seven nightingales within seven days. Whoever failed to do so must not return to the town and his properties would be seized after seven days.

So it became the practice of the prince and his friends that whatsoever they wanted, they would just tell the king and irrespective of how scarce such thing could be, the king would call on those that could find it and give them seven days to produce it or forfeit their properties.

Within a little time, the prince and his friends have requested for the head of a lion, the skin of a tiger, the feathers of peacock, the seeds of the flame of the forest and many other uncommon things. All these they got by the authority of the king.


When the prince was old enough to get married, he told the king he would like to marry the most beautiful lady in the kingdom. The king then sent the town crier to inform all the virgins in his kingdom to come to the palace on the next market day. There all the virgins were to dance nakedly in turns in the presence of the prince. Then the prince will pick the lady of his choice. Whoever refused to come will be seriously dealt with.

On the chosen day, the king’s servant went round the town checking every house to ensure no young lady was hiding in the house.

Omolara was a very beautiful lady. She was in love with Fadele who has promised to marry her the following year. She was not interested in marrying the prince, so she disregarded the king’s order and hid herself inside the room. But as the king’s servants were searching, they found her and carried her forcefully to the palace.

The moment Omolara was taken to the chamber where the prince was siting, the prince fell in love with him. He immediately took her out and informed the people waiting outside that the show was over, he had made his choice.

But Fadele would not agree. He came angrily to the palace and talked harshly to the prince. The prince therefore ordered the palace guard to deal with him.

So Fadele was beaten to a state of coma, he was locked up. For twenty-one days he was in complete darkness. He was not allowed to see any form of light. His cell was under ground with total darkness both day and night. For the whole of the twenty-one days, he was not given food or water. Nobody visited him, nobody talked to him. After twenty-one days he was released to go home. He collapsed twice on his way back home. But immediately he got home he determined he was going to revenge.




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