‘Can I buy you a drink’ he asked

I was sat at the bar drinking my vodka and coke, not realising that I must have looked an easy pick up, he was about 23, the same age as myself, quite handsome, the sort of the type I would be attracted to, but not today, not any day in fact, because you see, I’m spoken for, I have my Daniel, he’s the guy for me, he is the only one that gets me wet between my legs just by looking at him, I’m never rude, my parents brought me up to have good manners, even though at that particular moment I was really pissed off.


‘I’m okay thanks’ I told him holding up my full glass to show him, I was expecting him to just leave, I should have known better, after all he was a guy and I had tits and a pussy, that I suspect he wanted to get into.

Look at the cover photo, wouldn’t you want a piece of that?


‘I’m Daniel’ he said and he took the stool beside me, he must have seen the look on my face as he held out his hand for me to shake it, I felt sorry for him because I must have looked horrified, I wasn’t Horrified, it was just his name, I shook his hand.

‘Sorry’ I mumbled ‘it’s just someone close to me is called Daniel, I sipped my vodka as I thought about my lovely Daniel,

‘Boyfriend’ he asked, I looked at him his eyebrows were raised, I nearly laughed,

‘Yes; I told him careful not to move my eyebrows.

‘is he with you tonight’ he asked, and I thought about that, I wished he was with me tonight because Chantelle was being a Pratt, Daniel and Stephen, Chantelle’s boyfriend were away playing a football match, not big league or anything, not that I know much about football, but he works in Topshop and I suspect not many major footballers got second jobs in clothes shops, it was a Wednesday night in Doncaster town centre, we were in Flares a 1970’s music club, I love that era and wished I was born then, but it was really quiet, it was Chantelle who asked me if I fancied a night out, I only know her through Daniels friend Stephen, anyway I said yes and here we are, I wish I hadn’t come, Chantelle was a tart, and me, well I’m much more refined, well  when I say here we are I mean here I am, she’s been cooped up in a corner with her tongue down some guys throat for the past half hour, I just wanted to go home, but I wouldn’t leave her, anyway I needed her to share the taxi fare home.


‘No I’m with a friend’ I told Daniel 2

‘he’s a very lucky guy’ Daniel 2 said, I thought ‘you still here’ I smiled, I knew it was my sexy smile, the thought of Daniel always made me smile, and warm, I quickly took him out of my head, I didn’t want to get all moist, my skirt was far too short for that, but Daniel 2 was right, Daniel is a lucky guy, I’m 23, mahogany hair, sexy curves with a peachy bum, I know I looked good, girls can tell if there hot or not, I guess I’m lucky, but one thing I’m not is a tart, not like that Chantelle, whom, as I looked at the corner she was in, was being fingered, not because some guys hand was there, I recognised the expression

‘he is, I’m Colleen’ ‘fuck why did I tell him that’ and even to this day I don’t know why I told him my name, but he seemed nice and I was on my own, he pulled his stool closer, I guessed he thought he had cracked it, I had to put a stop to it, now I’m pretty straight laced, like to tell it how it is, I think I follow my dad in that we, he would always tell it how it is, he’s had his nose broke three times for telling it how it is, so I’ve learnt to be a bit more diplomatic about it, I like my nose how it is, it’s a sexy nose on a sexy face, I mean I can be a lady when I want to, at 23 I’ve only had sex with 5 blokes and I don’t think that’s too bad, Daniel 2 was not going to be the sixth, no my Daniel was to be my fifth and final lover, so I looked him In the eye, our faces were quite close, and I even thought at any other time in my life I would have, anyway I told him,


‘I’m not fucking you’ you see I can do diplomacy.


‘your choice’ he smiled, I knew where he was coming from, he let me know I had a choice, but little did he know I already knew that, because if I wanted to fuck him, I could have, we chatted for a while, well I was on my own, and he was harmless, he bought me a drink, then another, then I bought one, a bit pissed off that he let me, money was getting low, all this time Chantelle was tonguing this guy whilst being fingered, if I could see it, then surely everyone else could, they should put a stop to things like that, it’s disgusting, that was until she came up for air and walked over to me and Daniel 2, I could see she was drunk, not because of her glazed eyes, but she could hardly walk, I strangely wondered if she had cum, I don’t know why I thought that, I have these odd thoughts sometimes.


‘I’m going back to his to fuck him’ she slurred and just walked off, I wasn’t really bothered, it was 1.50 am, they shut at 2 on a Wednesday, I finished my drink, Daniel 2 just laughed, I reckoned at that time he wished he was going home with Chantelle, because he wasn’t going to get into my knickers.


‘I need to go home’ I must have sounded pissed off, because I had only just realised I had to pay the taxi by myself, I just wanted to curl up in my bed and dream of my Daniel, Daniel 2 looked disappointed.


‘Not changed your mind then’ he reminded me of when I was 15 and I let a boy feel underneath for the first time, but poor old Danny 2 wasn’t getting a feel under or over today.


Like I told you I’m a nice person, I really am, I respect people, I hope as I go on you will realise that, so I kissed him on the cheek ‘if I was single, you bet I would have’ I whispered to him, he was cute was Daniel 2, but he wasn’t damp patch in the knickers cute.


At 2am I walked to the taxi rank, feeling like a stranded lost lonely soul, a bit dramatic I know, but I guessed that’s what I must have looked like, town was really quiet, Wednesdays are okay if you want a quiet night, oh and the drinks are cheaper, I have two vices in my short life, one I like a drink and two I smoke, I looked into my bag got my menthols out and lit one up, it was lovely, I only smoke about 5 a day, and not when Daniel is around, he hates it, this time of the morning you have to pay the taxi up front as they have to many runners, so I checked my purse and my heart sunk, I had £1.26, I was 20 miles from home, my taxi fare was at least £15,what was I going to do, I could have sworn I hadn’t spent that much, anyway I went into the taxi ranked and explained my situation, I begged and begged them telling them I would bring the money in, truth was I was skint until payday, other than what I had in my purse hence the reason I couldn’t go to a cashpoint, they viewed that with suspicion and threw me out of the taxi rank, not physically, they just made it clear I wasn’t getting a free ride, what was I going to do, I didn’t want to ring my dad or Daniel, I wasn’t sure if he was even home yet, but both of them would have gone mad at me for leaving myself in a vulnerable state, and at that time I did feel vulnerable, I would have to phone dad and suffer the consequences, I stood outside the rank. On my own, I wanted to cry, my phone in my hand, wondering how long it would take me to walk 20 miles, I had work in the morning. I felt a tear coming to my eye, I was just going to ring dad.


‘hi’ said a voice that sounded familiar, I looked around and there he was, Daniel 2, my free ride home, I must have given him my sexiest smile because his eyes lit up, either that or he could see the desperation on my face, I guessed the latter,

‘I’ve lost my purse’ I lied, I was hoping I looked sad and vulnerable, I find that’s the best look when your desperate.

‘where you going’ he asked, for some reason he didn’t seem like the nice Daniel 2 in the pub, probably because my plight had sobered me up a bit.

‘Bayfield’ I told him,

‘Sorry I’m going the other way’ he said and went to walk into the door of the taxi rank,

‘Wait’ I shouted and he turned around, I didn’t like the grin on his face’

‘Lend me some money then please’ I pleaded, he walked right up to me, he had that look in the eye, you know the one, the look of control, I was used to being in control, I didn’t like this one bit, but what he said next shocked me.

‘I’ll lend you £20 quid for a blowjob’


I was really shocked, honestly I really was, none of this was in my nature and as desperate as I was, I wasn’t going to suck his cock, no way was I’ I stuttered my words out, and until this day I’m sure someone else said it and my mouth just moved in time with the words.


‘A wank and that’s all’ I told him, I shocked myself but what could I do, he looked at me, stared me right in the eyes, I must have looked a right sight as I stood with my mouth open, I remember thinking I had better close it as I didn’t want him getting the wrong idea,  ‘Around here’ he said and took me to an alley running alongside the taxi rank, well he didn’t take me, I followed, now don’t judge, I had to get home, he stood against the wall, I had the impression he had done this before.

‘A wank it is then’ he said, and started to undo his zip, now I don’t know why but I felt in control again, so I grabbed his hand,


‘its £30 and your gonna love it’ I knew I had him’


‘okay’ he said almost begging, I held out my hand and he took out his wallet and gave me £30, there’s was so many things going on in my mind at that one moment, but the important thought was I had to earn my money, don’t that sound stupid, someone just paid me to wank them off, and all I could think about was doing a good job of it, I stood side on to him my face right up close to his, I undid his zip, the dirty bastard wasn’t wearing any boxers, he popped out quite quickly and I had a glance down, he was hard, not massive in any way, but fairly thick, I could see the veins in it, see them throbbing, I looked at him again, my eyes not leaving his as I took him between my fingers and thumb, I felt him get harder, and he moaned with pleasure as I gently stroked his cock, I knew this wouldn’t take long, he grew harder in my hand as I stroked him, teasing his bell end, then I held his cock nice and tight and wanked him as fast as I could,  I knew I almost had him there ‘just imagine if that was my pussy your about to cum in’ I whispered to him as I jerked him as fast and as hard as I could, then his whole body jerked and I could feel his cock shooting out his load, the last drops trickling over my fingers, I put his cock back inside his pants, his face looked exhausted as I kissed him on the cheek ‘thanks for the money’ I said.

‘Anytime’ he gasped and I thought’ really, that was so easy’ as I walked into the taxi rank flashing my money with his semen still trickling through my fingers, it was only then I realised how wet my pants were, and as I sat in the taxi I realised that was one of the best sexual experiences I ever had.

And I got paid.





























We have all done things that we regret in the morning, and as I woke up about 4 hours later in my flat, the first thing I thought about was how lousy I felt, I slipped on my dressing gown and made my way into the kitchen for some paracetamol, glancing in the mirror on the way, I didn’t look glamorous in any way, but still highly fuckable I thought. I took them with some flavoured water and flicked on the kettle, I needed coffee, lots off it, I sat at my kitchen table, I’ll tell you about my flat in a minute, but this is important, the pain killers and coffee were soon doing there trick, and I was feeling much better, however my mind couldn’t stop thinking about the night before, and the £15 I had left after paying for my taxi was laying on the table in front of me, I couldn’t believe that I went out with £15, got pissed had a taxi home, and still had £15 left, all because I gave someone a five minute wank, did I feel guilty ?

Did I hell as like, this wasn’t cheating, I held a guy’s dick, it’s not as if I gave myself to him, then a thought went through my head ‘how much could I have got if I had’

I had to get it out of my mind quickly, I was in Love with Daniel, I would never cheat on him, and at that time I was sincere, I wanted to marry Daniel, have his kids. All I ever wanted since I was a kid, so why do I keep thinking about Daniel 2’s face as I looked at him while he was Cumming ‘I did that’ no one else, me, and he did say “anytime”, I was confused, I needed to sort my head out, it was a onetime blip and I needed to move on, so I had a plan, it was still early, I phoned Asda up, oh that’s where I work on the checkouts, okay not very glamorous I hear you say, your right, it’s not, but it pay’s my bills, (along with my parents of course), I told them I was ill and could not come into work, I put my best ill voice on, it worked as they told me to get better soon, then I phoned my Daniel, he answered on the third ring

‘Hi babes’ he said into the phone, even his voice made me feel moist,

‘Pop in before you start work I want to give you a treat’

‘I’m not seeing you until Friday night ‘ he protested, ‘and its 10 miles out of my way’ that actually annoyed me, I offer my beloved boyfriend a treat and he comes out with that, I was going to tell him not to bother, but I couldn’t, I had to know.

‘Please it won’t take 5 minutes I told him’

‘okay then’ he said and put the phone down, not a very romantic conversation I know, but I knew he wouldn’t have got in until late and he really didn’t do mornings, and I quickly forgave his grumpiness.


I quickly showered put on a white lacy bra and knickers, I eyed myself up in my full length mirror, just a little mascara and lippy, I looked good, but then I always did. I waited in anticipation for him.

40 minutes later he buzzed, I let him in and opened the door to the flat, and I could hear him climbing the stairs,


‘what’s up’ he asked, closing the door behind him, he looked me up and down as I stood there in my bra and knickers, I didn’t answer him I just walked to him and kissed him deeply, he responded, my hands went straight to his zip, he jumped which was not the reaction I expected


‘it’s okay’ I whispered ‘ I just need to feel you ‘ he relaxed as I took his cock out of his trousers, I had to work at it as he had boxers on, but now it was out, proud and erect, and I was holding it, stroking it, looking into his eyes, re-enacting what took place the night before, trying to imagine we were up against that taxi rank wall, trying to feel that same moistening between my legs, trying to get that same look in his eyes that my conquest last night gave me, only it wasn’t there, I had Daniels cock in my hand and for the only time I can remember, my juices weren’t flowing and my pussy wasn’t tingling.


‘I haven’t got long he said’ pushing my hand away, he lowered my knickers and pinned me against the wall, lifting my leg with his one arm, I was moist enough for him to enter me, and shrieked as he fucked me hard against the wall, and I felt his insides shudder and felt his spunk shoot inside me, ‘thanks babe’ he said as he lowered my leg and done his flies up, he kissed me, said goodbye and I was left stood there, with his semen running down my leg, and I didn’t feel it, even when I was wanking my lovely Daniel, even when he was deep inside me fucking me deep and hard, I never felt the same excitement that I had felt the night before, and I knew why, Daniel, my Daniel wasn’t a complete stranger.


My flat was a good sized one bedroom over a hairdressers in Bayfield , it was furnished lovely and quite reasonably priced, all I had to do was add myself and my stuff, my mother knows the hairdresser so I got a good deal, I had lived there for 3 months now and loved it, Bayfield was a lovely country side village outside Doncaster, with its quaint shops and country pubs, as I said I live above a hairdresser but beside that was a small Tesco and a takeaway and chemist, so what else would a girl need, I loved my mum and dad dearly but at 23 it was time to get out, all of us needed our own space now, I had taken them for a ride far too long, and anyway the offer of them paying half the rent was too good to refuse, how desperate they must have been to get rid. Not only that the squeals from my mother as my father was doing her put me off a bit, they were nearly 50 and still fucked 3 or 4 nights a week.


With Daniel gone to work and me not seeing him until tomorrow night, we were going to the pictures then to Cosmo’s an all you can eat restaurant in Doncaster, I have to admit I was confused, the night before someone had paid me to give them a wank, I know I was desperate and desperate times require desperate measures, but why did I enjoy it so much, why did I feel all this adrenalin whenever I think about it, I knew it was never going to happen again, but I wanted to understand it, it wasn’t just because he was a stranger, I had two one night stands in my life, something I regret now, they were strangers and it never made me feel like this, I knew what it was but didn’t want to admit it, I got paid for something I enjoyed, the £15 on the table told me that.


I lit a menthol, a bit early in the day, it was only just after 10am, I got my lap top and sat on the sofa and booted it up with a coffee sitting on the table beside me, I went onto google ‘now what can I search for’ ah got it I thought “why did I enjoy wanking a stranger’ I hit the search button and within seconds there were thousands of hits, most relating to porn sires, I thought for a bit, someone had paid me for a sexual act, so that’s what I googled “paid sexual act” it was no good there was thousands more, all porn sites, I wasn’t interested in porn, I wanted to know why I enjoyed t so much, then I done something silly, I thought I would think like a man, so I googled “pay for a wank” and there at the top, staring me straight in the eyes was a line saying ‘find local escorts tonight’, I should never have clicked on it, but don’t forget I was trying to think like a man, and a man would have so I did, the screen changed, I had three options.


Browse, sign in, or join, well I wasn’t a member so I couldn’t sign in, I certainly wasn’t going to join, so I hit browse, a number of choices came up, gender, age range, preferences, I hit the preference button and a load of things came up, like anal, penetration, cim, oral without, hand relief, I clicked on hand relief, age between 18 to 30, destination Doncaster, I hit the enter button, 11 profiles came up, I clicked on the first one, it was a girl of 26, there were 8 photos of her in various sexual poses, she offered wanks, right through to bdsm, prices arranged between £30 to £1000 for all night, she also charged extra for certain things, it all excited me, I felt a tingling sensation and could feel myself getting wet, I clicked on her email, of course it wouldn’t let me, you had to be a member, I looked at a few more profiles, they were all very similar, one had 231 5 star ratings, but there was one thing I noticed about them all, none of them had a body like mine.


I closed my laptop, my coffee had gone cold, now I honestly thought that if you paid for sex, you picked up a whore from off the street and probably get a disease in doing so, but this seemed, well it seemed professional, clean cut, like a hairdresser offering to cut your hair, it was an advertisement, that’s all it was, you didn’t have to offer your services, did you?


Ok I know what you’re thinking, leave it, walk away, you got a good life and a good feller, and your right, but I couldn’t, 30 minutes later, I had uploaded 6 pictures from my lap top that Daniel had taken one night when we decided to have some photo fun, none of them were nude, but they left nothing to the imagination, none showed my face, I tried loads of screen names, all of them had been taken, I settled on “blowu2” not very original but by that time I was fed up of them rejecting every other name, they wanted an email address, so I made another Hotmail account blowu2@hotmail.com, I added the account to my iPhone, I offered blow jobs only, £40 if they came to me, £60 if I go to them within a 20 mile radius, it was only going to be a bit of fun, I closed my laptop down, I needed a shower, I still had Daniel’s dried semen stuck to my thigh, nothing would come of it anyway, I expected it all to be a con.


Freshly showered, jeans and a top on, I went to Tesco’s, I needed milk and I needed some more menthols, my entrance was at the back of the hairdresser, just the one door leading upstairs to my flat, with enough space to park two cars, my ka was taking up once space and I imagined the other being taken by a customer, not one of the hairdressers customers, this was my space and it would be my customer, my body tingled, this was all so crazy, just a fantasy world I was living, tomorrow I would be at the checkouts, chatting idly to customers as I scanned their goods, I paid for my fags and milk with the money Daniel 2 gave me, it felt wrong, but it felt good at the same time, and I swear to you, those pack of fags were better than any other I had bought, I popped into the hairdressers and booked an appointment for a week Friday, the day I got paid, god knows what I was going to do until then, I guess I’d be paying mum and dad a visit, at least it was always a free meal, and I guessed my lovely Daniel would take care of me, but none of them would buy me fags, I need my 5 menthol a day.


or I could offer a few blowjobs’ I thought’ I  chastised myself for thinking it, it was just curiosity, a fantasy, a phase I’m was going through, I’m sure everyone has wanked a boy off for a few quid at some time, hadn’t they.


Actually come to think of it, I had done something like this before, when I was 15 I wanked my 17 year old brother off for 50p, but that was different, he was family.


I got back into my lovely flat, I was hungry now, so I went into the fridge, there was only egg and cheese in it, I had bread, there was beans and soup in the cupboard, I went to get a tin of soup, then I noticed my iPhone flashing on the kitchen side, I picked it up and opened it, it said I had 7 emails, it was from the account I only created less than an hour ago, it said I had 7 messages from my account.


I rushed to my lap top, booted it up, logged on and sure enough there was 7 messages waiting for me, I opened the first one, it was from bigboy657, it said “I would love a blowjob but only willing to pay£20” I deleted it as my heart sunk, the 2nd one was from simontempler, I laughed at the name, he wanted to come to me for a blow job Saturday night, I saved the email, I opened the 3rd one, the name intrigued me and I have to admit by this stage I was excited, his name was solicitor4u, I looked down the email, it said


I work in a solicitors in Doncaster and always fantasised having an appointment, where the client gives me a blow job under my desk whilst I’m working, can you do this at 3pm today, I have a spare slot and would book you in if you can make it, I understand the fee is £60, please reply asp if you can, it was signed with kisses,

I sat back on the settee, I was in a state of shock, a solicitor was wanting a blow job, but that wasn’t the attraction, it was the figure in front of the pound sign that attracted me.


This had all happened so quickly, my head was in a whirl, this was ridiculous, I wasn’t an escort, I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t suck someone off for money’

But I had wanked someone off for money’

But that was different, I was desperate and stranded, and I sorta knew him, ask yourself this question, what would you have done?


I clicked on the reply, my fingers hovered over the keyboard, I would have to tell him no, but I was so curious, maybe just this once, just to see what it was like, what harm could it do, I typed ‘of course I can it would be my pleasure, please send the details’ my hand shook as I hit send, I pushed the lap top away as if it was infected, ‘what the hell have I just done’

I stood looking at it like a demon possessed, he wasn’t going to answer, within a minute the site told me I had a message and it was from him.

fantastic, I have booked you in as Mary Brown, see you at 3, by the way you look gorgeous” he left the details and what made it more surreal was I knew exactly where it was, all things went through my mind, was it a gimmick, someone pretending to be him, a dissatisfied customer setting him up, the more I thought about it the more likely it sounded, yep that’s what it was some joke, I wouldn’t go, not just to be conned, and I bet I never hear from him again, so that’s what I decided to do , not go, and iron my Asda uniform for tomorrow.


I left in my car for Doncaster at 2pm, okay I know I said I wouldn’t go, but curiosity overcome me, it was 1 minute to three when I stood at the reception of Whittles solicitors in Doncaster, common law specialists the sign said, I was shaking, I wore a black over the knee dress, with a shawl over my shoulders and I carried a black handbag, I wore no tights, the dress hugged my body showing all my curves,


I’m Mary Brown I have an appointment at 3pm’ I told the receptionist, she had dark hair and glasses and didn’t look up as she spoke.


Please take a seat I’ll tell Mr Whittle you are here’

That really shocked me, I was seeing the main man, and as nervous as I was, my body was tingling with excitement, I knew my juices would soon start flowing.


you may go straight in’ she said pointing to a door, now I was shaking, but the intensity of it all was amazing, I cleared my throat and opened the door, the office was warm and cosy, the desk large and modern, the man behind it stood up as I entered, he was about 40, really handsome, he looked strong with a gentle face, I sat in front of him, I noticed in front of me was £60, I put it in my purse without saying a word, this was his fantasy I didn’t want to spoil it for him

What can I do for you’ he asked

I pretended to be nervous but the truth was my body was tingling with excitement.

Well it’s a bit awkward, you see my husband wants a divorce because I won’t’ I paused for effect and looked deep into his eyes.

Continue’ he said


it’s better if I show you’ I told him, I got up, walked to his side of the desk, I stood in front of him and the desk and slowly lowered myself down not taking my eyes off his, when I was all the way down I could see the bulge in his trousers, I rubbed my hand over the bulge, he seemed big, I gently undid his zip and put 2 fingers inside, stroking him over his briefs, I undone his buttons and zip fully and pulled his cock out, it was big, a good 8 inches and it looked gorgeous, he pushed the chair back and stretched his legs out, I went with him, he was looking at me now and my eyes locked on his as I licked the tip of his cock, I could taste the precum, it just made me want more, I slowly lowered my mouth over his cock, very slowly moving it up and down his shaft, working my tongue around it as I did so, I could feel him getting harder as I licked and sucked, I could also feel myself getting wetter as my knickers were now soaked.





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